Draft project in the "loft" style for a one-room apartment

In the past 2015, just before the holidays, we have completed preliminary design in the "loft" style for a studio apartment. And that's what came out of it.

As a rule, we do not deal with conceptual design, but there are rare exceptions. And usually it depends on the time available and the fact that it is for the project and for whom it is done. In this case, we were approached by the family, mother and son, friends of our client. Here we are, of course, went to meet him. Why draft design? People tried six months ago that such a repair (in the other housing) realized that quite cope on their own, but there was no understanding of the concept and distribution space. And we help them in this.

The project is a one-room apartment for a young person, creative and versatile, originally assumed in a Scandinavian style. The wishes of customers: bright colors, the most open floor plan, large wardrobe (or closet) for storage, large comfortable sofa, which would unite the space and was the center of the composition, functional kitchen.

As a result, after the measurements together with the client we decided to leave a decent brickwork on a wall in the living room and to create an interior and more urbanistichny, more masculine interior "loft" style.

Floor plan before redevelopment:
Floor plan after redevelopment:

As a result, there was a roomy walk-in closet, pantry, instead of the cabinet, which can be stored for clothes and suitcases, sports equipment, etc. The door to the pantry serves the function of the mirror from the hallway and has a mechanism of "hidden pocket", thus saving space.

In the bathroom washing machine 45 cm deep hide in the cupboard under the sink, and the angle between the bath and the air ducts for the use of shelves.

In the kitchen area suite has a linear shape and is equipped with all necessary equipment. An additional column a place to store became the window. A large table is also the wish of customers, serves as a dining table and desk.

Collage bathrooms:

Bath was the most bright rooms (in addition to the balcony), because it has a small area. Basic materials - tiles at the board and white stone mosaic. Graphically details look black.